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Ultrasonic flow meter

Fixed ultrasonic flowmeter FLT10

Débitmètre à ultrasons FLT10 FLOWLAB Technologies    Ultrasonic flow meter FLT10 was worked out to carry out measurements
on pressure pipes with intrusives or clamp-on probes.
t functions with one or several pairs of sensors.

     Brochure  documentation FLT20

Wetted ultrasonics sensors FLT25

  Sondes à ultrasons FLT25  FLOWLAB Technologies  
  Very simple to implement,
  suitable for almost all applications

  Insertion probe FLT025 are manufactured out of stainless steel.
  Wetted FLT25 sensors  are provide with an agreement on food contact ACS

  Brochure  documentation FLT20

Open channel Flow meter FLT10CO

Measure flow of high degree of accuracy for any flow in free face. Channels, river, stream, culvert, sewer.

Débitmètre à ultrasons canal ouvert C.O. FLOWLAB Technologies      Débitmètre à ultrasons riviére  FLOWLAB Technologies       Débitmètre à ultrasons épuration  FLOWLAB Technologies

Ultrasonic flow meter FLT10 CO integrates information level measurement.
The velocity measurement of the fluid is carried out for one or more chords.
The precision and the reliability of this measurement are exelentes.

Brochure  documentation FLT20

Portable ultrasonic flow meter FLT50P

photo FLT50P

Its range of external probes enables him to carry out measurements on charged mains
in diameters ranging between 20 and 2000 mm,

Its data logger allows a recording of the flows and volumes.
The portable flowmeter FLT50P is the ideal apparatus
for the leakage survey and network diagnostic.

Brochure  documentation FLT20

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